Farm and Mountains


Dicorne Is flavor and life

Dicorne develops, manufactures and distributes innovative, eye-catching and highly nutritional foods, focusing on the consumption habits of our local and international customers. Dicorne shares a healthy lifestyle with its clients through a portfolio of approximately 30 products in different production lines such as sauces, snacks, fresh and dairy products.

our products

12 Free-Range Eggs

Free range eggs

Free-range eggs from hens fed with fresh and balanced food and raised cage-free and stress-free. 


Our jams are created with the best fruit from the Andean region. You will find them in 3 different flavors with pieces of fruit inside.

Lemon Jam
Lupini Bean


Snacks high in nutritional value, focused on the interest and consumption habits of our customers.

sauces and dips

Sauces and dips ready for consumption and high in nutritional value. 

Classic Hummus


Chickpea hummus high in protein, vegan and gluten free. It comes in different presentations for all tastes.